What size are you eyeglasses? What age children do they fit?

Updated 1 year ago by Jonas Paul Eyewear

Our eyeglass are designed to fit most children from ages 4 - 12 years old. 

We have two sizes: small, which fit most children ages 4 - 7, and large, which fit most children ages 8 - 12. 

But because every kid is different, we offer home try-on’s so you can find the perfect frame for your little one!

  • Most of our SMALL size frames measure around a 43 to 45mm lens, 15 bridge, 125 temple arm 
  • Most of our LARGE size frames measure around 46 to 48 mm lens, 16 bridge, 130 temple arm

** The sizing of each frame is listed on the specific frame style page of our website so just scroll down and you'll see Small and Large sizes listed and their corresponding frame measurement sizing information 

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