How much does it cost to try on the frames in the Home Try-On Kit?

Updated 5 months ago by Jonas Paul Eyewear

We charge a minimal fee of $1.00 for our Home Try-On Kits so that customers can try on the frames in the comfort of their own home. 

* If you do not return the Home Try-On Kit and have exceeded the allotted time of 7 days to have the kit, there will be a temporary fee of $150 placed on your credit card.  This charge will be refunded once we receive the kit back. (Rest assured, we will send a reminder email before charging).

* If a damaged frame is returned to JPE,  there will be a charge of $79 per damaged frame added to your card. (You are not responsible for any shipping carrier damages). This charge also applies if you keep a frame from the Home Try-On Kit.

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