How many frames come in my Home Try-On Kit?

Updated 8 months ago by Jonas Paul Eyewear

At this time, our Home Try-On Kits are available in only all Tortoise or all Black frames. Each kit comes with one of every frames styles we carry - seven frames total!

Which frames will be included in the kits, you're wondering? We're happy you asked! You'll get to select whether you would like all tortoise or all black frames in the kit. Depending which you select, below are the frames that are included.

Tortoise Home Try-On Kit Frames:

  • Paul / Paige Striped Maple
  • Miles / Maddie Chestnut Tortoise
  • Ryan / Ruth Striped Maple
  • Lincoln / Lauren Striped Hickory
  • Jonas / Joyce Striped Maple
  • Edward / Elsie Blonde Tortoise
  • Solomon / Sophie Greystone

Black Home Try-On Kit Frames:

  • Paul / Paige Black
  • Miles / Maddie Black
  • Ryan / Ruth Black
  • Lincoln / Lauren Black
  • Jonas / Joyce Black
  • Edward / Elsie Black
  • Solomon / Sophie Black

If you would like to try a Limited Edition frame prior to purchasing them as prescription glasses, we would encourage you to order the frame as "Frame Only (Non-Prescription)". We accept returns on Non-Prescription frames and issue a full refund* as long as they are returned in new, unworn condition within 30 days of your received delivery date. 

*Note: The customer is responsible to pay for the return shipping of non-prescription frames.

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