How does the Home Try-On process work?

Updated 15 hours ago by Jonas Paul Eyewear

We have an easy try-on process for our frames!

Simply go to the HOME TRY ON KIT PAGE and select the size - small (generally fits ages 4-7) or large (generally fits ages 8-12) and then the color (tortoise or black) that you'd like to try on at home.  Then proceed through the checkout process and you will receive your home try-on kit frames within a week! 

The kits come with the 7 different frame styles that we offer. 

The home try-on kit frames will be shipped to your door. Open the package, smile big, try them on; when you’ve found the ones you love, return to our website to order the frames you would like as prescription glasses! 

You will receive your new prescription glasses around 5-10 business days* after you place your order! Voilà! A vision of style.

*please note : estimated delivery time can vary depending on the level of prescription.

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